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A rather intriguing specimen has turned up:

This rather wide fellow was spotted roaming around, with plenty of enemy giblets strewn everywhere, so I decided to investigate a little further:

...the "Pusher" zooid seems to have gotten  rather huge boost to its strength.

Utilizing only 3 spikes and a whole load of pushers, this ruthless little fellow is able to launch its spikes absurdly far. Furthermore, due to the constant push provided by the "Pushers", the spikes will move rather erratically after being fully extended, acting as a pseudo-flail which decimates enemy zooids at a speed that's never been seen before.

The only feasible downside has got to be its size and speed: it lumbers along and turns at a rather low speed, potentially allowing enemies to out-run or ambush it, although none have been able to do it so far (this thing has adapted a "kill it before it has a chance to kill you" tactic that leaves none in its wake). Even so, by coating itself in "Pushers", it has sufficient energy to always keep them powered if need be, being able to use said "Pushers" as a force-field of sorts, rendering it untouchable to most enemy breeds.

I have heard of an "Ancient" zooid (similar to the Sniper zooid) capable of doing something similar without the need for "Pushers", I'll see if I can find any specimen that has such a thing...