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Artist Updates:

Lit-ly & RADchul:

The sprite is still in progress, but the guy looks like this, and he swaggity swag under 6 frames.


I managed to finish 2 backgrounds and I’m halfway done the bg for the main plaza! Feelsbadman when you slave 8 hrs for 2 backgrounds that will only take up 5 minutes of playtime… but I guess that is the life of an art monkey :’ ) My goal for this week is to finish 4 more main backgrounds (at least), but then I also have an essay due on friday so pls pray 4 me.

Here is one of the maps I finished!

I also really wanted to change the style of the dialogue pictures since the previous drawings I posted gave off too much of a ...moemoe VN vibe, which isn’t what we’re going for. Here is the new style I decided to go with, I guess this would be more fitting for the hand drawn bg and spooky vibe?




Hello your resident half dead code monkey here. I’ve been hammering away at the scripts this week and trying to set down a bunch of the basic mechanics. The art assets are not completely finished so we’ve been using dummy sprites for all the functions, the completed game will use custom hand drawn art by our in house art monkeys instead. Look forward to them!

Below are a few previews of some of the major completed functions,. Please excuse the mouse drawn dummy art lmao. (“It’s Mr. Weed man our new MC” - Cloudkourin)

Inventory system:



Password locks:

Looking forward, we will need to implement a checkpoint system for character death, and lighting controls for dark rooms.


School is suffering. It’s been tough trying to balance school and this at the same time haha. We’ve implemented some other stuff that we’d like to keep a secret for now. All I can say is that we hope you will be surprised when you see the stuff we’ve added (and good at running too!).



I wrote some words thanks bye

Jk, here’s a preview of some of the backstory and world items that you’ll be able to discover and encounter throughout the game world:

Most of these will be purely optional to read and just for flavour, but there may be some items you find that will be a little more relevant in your adventure..

Hope you look forward to our finished story!

Thanks for following up! Next week is when the real cramming begins...