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Good question. I haven't put a progress report up for a while as I only like to announce when the larger goals have been reached, but here is where we are currently. 

I had written Kien's route first and it was okay - I wasn't 100% happy with it, but I couldn't put my finger on what I didn't like, and since I don't tend to like anything I do (which I'm told is pretty standard for anyone who writes, draws etc) I chalked it up to that. Then I started Suiza's route and I was having trouble - getting writer's block a lot and just generally not feeling it. Then something clicked and I realised what I'd been missing all along.  So I finished Suiza's route and began Tai's, but Kien's route was still not what I wanted. 

I looked it over again and realised what needed to change, so now I am now halfway through of doing a complete re-write of Kien's route. 

The word count is currently 117,000. I hope to finish Kien's route in the coming week or so and then return to Tai's. 

Also, I have commissioned the original artist to create sprites for the four NPCs that can be met in Suiza and Kien's routes (two Npc's in each). I was going to fill the roles with the 'extras' sprites I have commissioned but when their parts grew larger, I decided I would have them drawn as unique sprites. Once they are completed, I'll post them here for people to see.

So that is where we are! I know that it is taking much longer than I had anticipated or hoped and it is, in turn, delaying the other projects I am working on, which is frustrating  (not to mention financially crippling >_<), but I want to produce a game I can stand behind and  know it was the best I could make it with the resources I had at the time.  

Once I have a solid idea of when the game will be finished, I'll put out a release date.  Thanks for checking in! ^_^