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Wow I totally missed this thread, sorry!

For console: it will work. You'll need to set up common mappings for the console's gamepads but that should be straightforward.

However you should keep in mind that Sinput only wraps the Unity Input systems, it doesn't add any new functionality so if you want rumble/motion control/touchpad input/etc, Sinput isn't going to be able to manage. For that I'd hope the console you're developing for provides their own libraries? tbh I'm not sure about the specifics, the only console I've actually published a game on was OUYA :P

If you need any help I'll do what I can (just get in touch via twitter or email if it's urgent, apparently I miss forum posts for a long time :P) but I may have limits to how much I can help as I'm not a registered developer for most consoles.