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this was really fun! i kind of. want more content of clive and the PC. they're both really cute and i wanna see where they go from here!

it was basic, but like. there's nothing wrong with that. it's a fun, punny little rpgmaker story and i'd really recommend it to anyone looking for a good time that has themes of homophobia and transphobia without like. biting and hurting as you/the characters experience it.

12/10 would cry about a skeleton again

(also don't think i didn't see the TAZ reference. it's Good.)

thank you so much! we're really glad you enjoyed the game.

we both fell in love with clive and the PC and their friendship too and definitely have plans for them to return at some point! :D

haha, i'm glad i was able to sneak a TAZ reference in there! ;) thanks for finding it!!