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First of all, thanks for the detailed feedback. It always helps a lot.

I try to make most fetishes optional...especially the more specific ones. While Foot Fetish definitely is one of the most common ones, futanari is quite popular either. It is the same with humiliation by the way, so while you say you want more of it, others just don't. It is always tough to find a good common ground where everyone can enjoy his/her favourite fetish while ignoring the ones that are not a turn on.

My version of the Dark Elves are inspired by the D&D drow, but also by the Dark Elves of Warhammer and some stuff I just made up myself, I'm pleased to hear that you like it but they don't have to have all traits of the Drow, like constantly humiliating others. Some characters do have that trait, some do not.

The affection with another Dark Elf is NOT lowered by small talk! It is stated in the tutorial text already. A negative affection button will only indicate that your affection with that dark elf is currently not high enough to get a detailed answer out of her to a specific topic :).