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Hi matchmakingdove1028!

Thanks for dropping by and making my day better! X'D

And yes, finally the curses are not censored! The text of day 1-9 not centered also bothered me, but I can't seem to apply a 'justified' alignment there so I compromised x.x as for the affection meter... it may have something to do with how small the points you get from the choices in the beginning :"D the total points are somewhere between 300-400 while you only get... 10 or 20 there so the meter progressed very slowly ><

And lol, I'm glad I managed to make you laugh despite how old the jokes are x'D I simply love musical movies so I sneaked some quotes sometimes~

As for the animal motifs... yup! You guessed it ;) in Winged Ones, I tried to combine anime style with Indonesian culture. I have a soft spot for Japan so my style turned out pretty flexibel -even starting to branch out to western culture like Kaiden and Gale, who are White Knights... and more western perks could be seen in the Spring Village later.

It's like I'm trying to balance and combine things to create something original. I just hope I can pull this off and make you guys like this VN >\\\< 

The rag-tag looking group is actually a good presentation of what I'm trying to make! Lol I'm glad to hear it amuse you x'D

Thanks again for dropping by and telling me your thoughts! I can't wait to hear what you think of Bermuda after you play it, bit of course, we still have quite a long way to go so I hope you'll be walking beside me until we reached our goal! ^^-