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Considering the price there is nothing that could be called missing in this kit. It's a great purchase and an amazing knowledge boost for every UE4 newbie. I've changed a couple of things for my very own use. Because I don't know yet how to avoid pushing carried items through other items or walls, I've disabled the hold function for now and in inspect mode I've disabled all movement controls. I will probably add a drag and push function to still be able to hide things behind and below other objects and probably special items to throw at buttons and trigger zones that are out of reach for now. I know that you did a lot of coding to keep things generic and open for much functionality and I am also a bit sorry for that. Thanks for this great pack and this great price!

Thank you!

It's great that you changed the kit to your liking. The problem with pushing objects through walls is something I started literally yesterday when I read your message. It should be in the next update ( I already got a idea but I want to see if there is an even better decision ) . 

for the inspect mode I am not sure what you mean. Did you disable it or are the inputs not right for you?

The trigger zones are something that I may include later. It is something basic, done with a trigger volume and just one tag that it checks if the author already has it