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So ah...it's giving me an error...which says it may be due to a bug in the twine game engine is there a fix on your end or is it more of a problem like with my computer

Huh, I've never ran into that before but I can look into it and see if it's anything I can fix. @o@ thank you for bringing attention to it though. I'm sorry ti wasn't working for you :c

Right no problem...might be my computer though cause it's happened with a few things so far...though of course could be the game engine like it says in which case...not sure who could fix that

So it appears to still be a problem but my only hope now is no one else is having the same issue shame I can't play though

Hi, I've tried looking into it but I haven't had much luck :/ if you want, could you maybe screenshot the error and send it to me? My twitter is @nykanykanyka if that helps!

Sadly I don't have a twitter but I can provide what it says simply through a message...at least as best I can XD

ok so "Sorry to interupt, but this page's code has got itself in a mess. TypeError: State.load is not a function

at HTMLDocument.<anonymous>

at Object.add [as done]

at jQuery.fn.ready

at jQuery.fn.init

at jQuery

at http://localhost:59392/:240:596

at main

at http://localhost:59392/:216:4701

(This is probably due to a bug in the Twine game engine.)"

That of course doesn't have the quotation marks but I did that so I could start it