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I've always wanted to replicate the killer7 movement, you did a really great job here!

thank you so much for the feedback!

the character will move faster in v.3 ^^

OOOOOOOOOOO this...this looks very fun :3

we've been looking at Videotome:ADV for a minute now, made a story outline and even some early backgrounds and sprites for a later project we wanted to create with that...but now we're...very tempted to build it in Super instead :3 this looks really exciting. TYSM for releasing this!

THis is really cute and the levels are really well designed! What a nice little platformer :3

Nice little game! haha

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I got this error when trying to install DVD Maker. Sadly there seems to be no way to install it. I already have Microsoft .Netframework 4.5+ installed even.

 It reads

"(EMCO EVALUATION PACKAGE) - DVD MAKER 1.29.3 requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0, 4.5 or later isntalled. The Setup cannot continue."

That's some excellent feedback, I've noticed that jumping near npc's can be finicky too and you are not the first person to mention it, I'm contemplating seeing if i can either add in a cooldown or possibly swap which button activates dialog but idk! Thank you so much for playing too!

:) while that level is supposed to be brutal..I do often wonder if i didnt overdo it a bit there with the fireballs..

thank you so much!

This honestly is sometimes hard to reread for me, thank you <3

well it is sus :)

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I used your template for my bitsy demo! Thank you for creating/sharing it! I gave you credit as well!

love the atmosphere and style, really nice!

oh geez, i did not see this until now, will adjust, sorry!


aw that ending was really cute and good ;w;

ahh thank you!!!

rip Iwata-San

it's a big decision, where one wants to be captured, I'm glad it was here this time!

hey thank you so much

This was capitvating

I actually broke out in a sweat while exploring, what a beautiful monstrosity you've built , I was not expecting the sheer scale and I fuckin LOVE ghost cars :3

it's just meant to be explored ^^; <3

can we submit more than one? I 

Thank you... it's been too long since I've written anything like this, I need to get some more vulnerable stuff out of my head and heart soon <3

aw thank you so muuuch!!

Aw thank you!


Hi, creator of the twine here!

Well for not having anything to say about it, what feedback you gave is appreciated!

I wasn't actually sure how to approach the formatting so I'm sorry to hear it didn't work in the end. This is actually (and probably obviously) one of my first serious-ish twine attempts so more than anything a lot of it was learning experience. I also left the story fairly vague cause of the word count restriction. I also really wanted to focus on seeing where I could go aestetically, since a lot of twine's use the default theme and I wanted to avoid doing that if possible. So I'm glad to hear you like the style :)

Ofcourse none of this is to absolve your critique and next time I make one hopefully it will be an experience more enjoyable :) Thank you!

It all begins and ends in baby o3o this is the meaning of life

When I got into twine, I never expected anything like this. It's very nice and well done!

Was it hard putting visuals in your twine like that? I love how this looks and feels @O@

Huh, I've never ran into that before but I can look into it and see if it's anything I can fix. @o@ thank you for bringing attention to it though. I'm sorry ti wasn't working for you :c

Aw thank you friend ;w; I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Played through the demo and this is a really I like what's going on so far! I'll keep my eye on this.

This sucks >:^/

Hi! I made most of my models in cinema 4D but for the human forms I used and then exported them as obj's into cinema 4d to adjust them and stuff :)