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Hi, love your game. I do have a few suggestions though.

  1.  Could you please add more building varieties, such as a building that can give you cavalry, trading post that can give you wealth or food, and a ranch that can give you food.
  2.   add other tribes  into one match which you can trade with or make an alliance with. 
  3.  when you get the cattle upgrade you can actually see the cattle plowing the fields. 
  4.  add different crops, such as carrots, potatoes, wheat (which could be turned into bread maybe in a furnace.)
  5.  Please make it so you can see female and children  villagers walking around to add to the realism.
  6.  Taxing villagers could bring in wealth and maybe you could pay villagers to do their job.
  7.  Also maybe if you get a certain amount of population (100 or so) you could choose to remain leader or have an election to raise happiness and if you dont it puts at risk of people revolting (like in Tropico)

 I'm  pretty sure i saw that you were going to add factions, which sounds like a great idea. Even if you end up adding one of these that would be amazing. Love your game and please update more in the future.

Hi and thanks for the suggestions!

I can't promise we'll implement all of your suggestions, but at least 2 of them are already planned, and some of the others are very interesting and something we'll add to our backlog. Thanks again!

Also could you add it so the other tribe expands their village and has villagers that farm and build stuff

We're going to add proper skirmish AI at some point, but AI for RTS games are difficult to implement so we will need time to do it well.

just a few dont wory