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That’s great news! I’m happy the game is getting the attention it deserves. Will the next game include all the style that makes Northbury Grove so unique? I hear the next game takes place in a new decade. It’d be a shame to lose the 80’s vibe. 

Hi JackLantern,

Really, there is no set vibe or decade the games (and universe) are intended to be tied to. Think about Blade Runner...we don't tie that universe to a particular decade, right? Other than "the future" of 2019 the film depicts. It was made in the '80s, but it was a depiction of a potential 2019. (We do attach THE FILM to the decade of the '80s, of course.)

We like to think the same of our games. It's the Scythe Saga Universe, so the '80s charm will always be there. This is because '70s and '80s horror and sci-fi is our primary influence in writing the stories. It's also why the VHS tapes and cell-phone coexist. (TBH, though, it was supposed to be implied VHS tapes were outdated. They were scattered about a long-abandoned factory, after all. The quip about them being "all the rage" was meant to read sarcastic.)

Semantics aside, the upcoming game will be set the SAME NIGHT of the first game. As we get closer to wrapping the game up we'll share more info, but it takes place just a few short miles away, and was alluded to in the first game. Stay tuned! And thanks for all the feedback, we appreciate your enthusiasm (and the rest of the communities enthusiasm as well!)