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Absolutely love this, thank you! Had a lot of fun trying different outfits and becoming poor buying them.

Something I'd really like is an option to save an outfit, but I'm very happy with this as is.

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EDIT: Looks like ive succesfully implemented it for updates, so im planning to bring it on 0.5 soon ^^

Yea i wanted to, but since is WebGL, everytime i update it, it has the playerPrefs clear, so i think im going to use something, so the user can copy a code for that outfit and have it on a bloc or something :S.

WebGL is limited AF, and i think a log in system is too much overkill for this app XD

Have a good day!

That's fantastic, thank you 🎉

I'm glad you got it working. I have some experience with WebGL if you ever plan on open sourcing the project and are looking for PRs ^^

0.5.0 is live! It should save the fits even if i update the game, feel free to test it out ^^