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Amazing game you got here, but I would like to recommend the following. First, fixing the menu, it is kinda hard to navigate with that menu, add background too like a scenery or some sort. Second, a story will be good because you should put a reason why he is fighting with those men, like for example those men burned his village or something that's why he's haunting them for revenge, it's only an example though. Third, better character and sword customization, add different kinds of clothes that he will use, like armors and stuff, put a set of wakizashi too if you find it cool. About the sword customization, you should let players change the color of the sword's handle or add some different swords lmao. Fourth, add a durability bar for the katana below your character, when the katana's durability is exhausted, he'll use the wakizashi as a replacement for the katana. That is all, I really, really want to see your game progress at this point. I'll comment again if I got new ideas. Thanks for the game :D

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm still figuring out how I'm going to proceed; some of your ideas line up with my plans, some don't, but we'll see how it turns out down the line. A little story mode is definitely something I'm interested in, plus fixing the menu and more customization. I'm glad you like it.  :)

Thanks for noticing my comment, Im looking forward to your game :D Goodluck bud!