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Been at it all day - I've broken my project into 5 'phases' so that I can hopefully finish SOMETHING to submit, but have a plan for more of the features I want... here's a demonstration of what I've got so far:

My 'Phase' plan looks something like:

Phase 1

  1. Add Brewing Window
  2. Brew Potions by filling slots in the Brewing Window with Inventory Items
  3. Pre-fill player Brewing Inventory, make potions
  4. Ingredients: Berry, Stick, Bone, Eye
  5. Brew

Phase 2

  1. Add List of Discovered Potions
  2. Grey out undiscovered potions
  3. Add Count to ingredients
  4. Find ingredients in forest and cave
  5. Brew

Phase 3

  1. Add Mailbox, in the morning it has recipes for the day
  2. Add Recipe / Letter UI
  3. Lose if malibox req isn't met
  4. Add Shipping Box
  5. Ship Potions in box manually

Phase 4

  1. Add Catalog with house upgrades
  2. Add Ordering Upgrades

Phase 5

  1. Add NPCs w/orders, mailbox only for catalog

In the end I didn't get it finished - but I posted what I had, as source, on github for any love2d users who are interested.