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Hi there,  
I recently purchased Mesh Edit and it looks great!  But not only am I running into a script error, but I'm having no luck actually using the extension.  

Would there be any way in the future for a tutorial blog post or youtube video?  Also, this is the error I am facing in Unity.  

Instantiating mesh due to calling MeshFilter.mesh during edit mode. This will leak meshes. Please use MeshFilter.sharedMesh instead.
MeshEdit:createTrianglesFromWorldMesh(Boolean) (at Assets/Scripts/MeshEdit.cs:1425)
_EditorMeshTools:createCustomMesh() (at Assets/Editor/_EditorMeshTools.cs:105)


This looks great and can't wait to get the hang of it! lol

Hi Joe, thanks for buying the tool! There's no tutorial video at the moment, but there is a list of shortcuts that comes with the unitypackage. This error should come up whenever you create a new custom mesh, but it shouldn't stop you from using the tool. When you get the error is it stopping you from doing anything else in Unity?