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i like artstyle. everything really looks like in modern superhero comics. Sprites and backgroungs are lovely. You did very good job with changing face expressions. 

Well, It's never too many stories about superheroes.  and memes :)

Syd the cute tomboy and two adorable love interests :D . But I can't tell anything more about them (they want to keep their super-identities super-secret xd) 

. . .

I've finished both routes. 

Enchantress' route is very interesting: two totally different girls falling in love together. Even their moral code aren't similar... It also  interesting how different she acts when not wearing costume. Cold and mean villain changes into nice and lovely girl. The good ending was amazing (enchanting xD). 

Frequency's route are different kind of story... They both are good people. The both are good in moral sense, too. Well, there's a little age difference between them but... Who cares? :)  She looks like someone a little bit lonely and in need of someone to take care of.The good ending was amazing

You could add few more CGs. I'd make your game a little better. 

I found a bug... F's route, coffee shop. Syd asked "...with a C or a K?" . And "Karen" aswered her question but textbox had Syd's name. 


Thanks for the in-depth comment! We would definitely like to add more CGs as well (and good catch on that bug, we'll probably patch that up in the future!)

how did you get a happy ending with Freq?

I trusted her. and later chose to let her keep her gun