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The base narration and dynamic of characters (at least  the friendship of Cypress and Holly, who has been introduced) are well-written without spoiling the available choice we would encounter; also complemented with fine graphics, agreeable soundtrack, and detail sequence of events accompanied by those cute chibi. Just from that one Ending, it nudges some thoughts : what significant roles Thistle and that pink-haired guy to the duo's tragedy? What are they willing to do to save their friends? or what if they only could save one of them?? What really drives the mysterious haunting in High Fog???

Ah, it seems I'll be haunted by that for the next version update  :'D And by the way, are you planning to update another part of this VN gradually or straight to the final/release version?

Thank you so much for playing and sharing your thoughts!! My current plan is that the next update will contain two more main story routes, with another big update some time after :)