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post-mortem part 2: it was called 1st dragon because there was always a possibility for a second interation, another try. it's not ready, but lessons for 2nd dragon:

- empower players to do more without my involvement, because i'm lazy

- schedule my involvement but make it valuable, because i'm not actually lazy, i'm just bad at time management. if i set aside some time i'll spend it more intentionally and i'll maybe be able to not worry so much every other second of the day

- more prompts for action. the most active part of the game was when i asked ppl to envision different HOMES; ofc part of that was because it was right at the beginning of the game, but i think it was also because it was the only part of the game with a clear directive

- more surprises, more follow-through, more interesting outcomes. (food was a pretty boring problem because there was no choice involved, and once solved it was like "ok, food's solved, uh, ok")