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I got very lucky the first few times, and the key was on the first floor (right next to the door). Although I didn't know where the door was at the time, so I lost. I find the monster spawning wasn't all to good tbh. I've had him spawn right on me, which resulted in insta-death. I liked the randomization of the key and containers. But design wise, I think it would of been a lot better to make the map bigger, player spawn upstairs, have the key randomly generated up there. Then have the monster and door downstairs. Because the monster spawn location, just getting the key on the first floor was unlucky because it's basically an automatic loss. I did beat it, but the key was upstairs, I memorized the switch and container positions, and knew the monster would be coming upstairs. Honestly knowing all that information it made the game more fun, and feel like a challenge. Knowing this, I feel like if the information was presented better (light switches always visible, monster more visible, door and approximate key locations known) this game would of been really really good. Solid submission though, and was quite a challenge! Good work!