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glitched through the wall and into the boss area; proceeded to fail a lot because the controls kept either a. eating jump inputs or b. refusing to stop the character when I released a key. Seems like a cool game, but needs a lot of polish.

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thanks for the critique!

a) haven't noticed inputs getting eaten myself. what controller did you use (or maybe a wireless keyboard?)

b) if that happened on air, it's intentional, i like to preserve the character's momentum. i could finetune the on-ground friction a bit, though 🤔

some polish underway, i'll try to do my best! :D

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a) I think it might not have been eating inputs necessarily, but my computer sometimes gets a significant amount of desync between pushing a button and the game actually receiving it. have you implemented e.g. coyote time and jump buffering? those might both help the situation.

b) The issue was mostly releasing the button after landing on a bird and then sliding off anyways. Perhaps platforms could have increased friction close to the edge, if you're not trying to move in a direction? Alternatively, if momentum is always preserved in air, that definitely needs a tutorial, since it is nonstandard to platformers. Had I known that were the case, I would have released the keys midair and this would probably have been less of an issue.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply, this helps immensely!

a) I've implemented coyote time (and most likely can't make it any longer because it would make some unreachable-intended platforms reachable!). I could definitely add jump buffering, tho! It's a good idea, I'll add it to the issue tracker ✌

b) Yeah moving platforms can be quite... tricky. To mitigate platforming frustration, I actually just yesterday made friction on moving platforms higher, I'll let you know when the update is live!And about the momentum-preservation: it IS mentioned in-game.... but only after acquiring the scanner. Maybe not ideal, I reckon? Then again, I try to keep the before-scanner section of the game silent, so it can be a bit hard to teach momentum-preservation at the point when the player first arrives in the bird room....