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Tried the game out now, and this is definitely promising. Very hot first scene, and the gameplay is pretty good! If I can offer some feedback though:

1. The icon for the Z key looks like a 2, it took me some time to figure out I was supposed to press Z, not 2.

2. You should add the standard visual novel features such as pressing H to hide dialogue box (to see what's underneath better) and scrolling up to see dialogue history (in case you pressed too fast and missed some text)

3. Add mouse interaction with menu and dialogue box, using only keyboard feels kinda weird to someone used to using mouse in visual novels.

4. The animations are a little wonky. Given that you're using 3D models, I think this might be an issue of too many key frames or lack of interpolation.

Great feedback for sure! I will bring it up with the team next time we meet!