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Kinky Fridays

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We won't give out copies on steam. If your goal is to have the game on steam you'll have to wait for the launch there.

PayPal banned us for making adult games and itch removed their support for us to use the payment services because we make adult games. So you'll need to wait for another store like Steam or GOG before that option becomes available.

Huh? Not really, he can take any slots like anyone else. If you want to play the male character and get topped by a sheep with a fat penis you can.

We have considered it, and likely yeah, but only once we are satisfied with the game as a whole. So sometimes post release maybe.

Because the player and monster interactions are not in this patch.

There is a male player character with a few other male npcs no male furries though.

No. Steam and Itch are different stores. If you want it on steam please wait for the release there.


Cheers, fixed it.

That zip was made by the itch builder tool, so it might be an issue with that. But linux be crazy man.

as in you cannot open the zip file?

Yes, it is an issue of gameplay tagging. This is the focus of the next couple of patches.

Nothing yet.

That's how the game dev stuff works, 2 steps forward, 1 step backward. It is all forward from this point though. We gotta keep retrying stuff until we find what works. For the current system, it means our animation pipeline is way more refined. What does that mean exactly? Well, you know how in v015 we had 1 sex animation basically? Well, the refinement of the pipeline means that v016 had 20+ animations, from solo to pairs, and threesomes. Adding animations is very very easy, and the animator now gets to focus on great-looking animations as opposed to flow animations. It is a big win. But we just need a few more patches to get it to be interactable.

Hope that makes it all clearer.

Hey there, I do not think I would be comfortable releasing older versions. Sorry!

Do me a favor and make sure you start a new save file.

When we make the demo. Our focus is on building the game first.

Sorry what is the hardware inside the laptop? Specifically the processor and the GPU?

Hey, thanks for the feedback let me address some of the points you brought up.

The third-person camera for us adds a lot more possible content and roleplaying to the game, stuff like costumes, and seeing the character you chose. However we might bring it back as a variable option in the future, but building it would mean we have finished all other mechanics and systems.

Yeah, the out-of-bounds radio tower was intentional, perhaps I can remove the icon for the next patch to remove confusion, we are just not sure what we want to do with that space on the island so we are leaving it unaddressed for now. It is part of the plains, so it will definitely be designed before our early access launch.

The camera will be re-addressed in a future patch, the next one which is the monpedia overhaul will fix the issues you're having with monster girls not being recognized by the photos. It is a matter of "tagging" the girls and tagging their reactions/behaviors. Which is all the monpedia is about. Scoring will come with post monpedia overhaul though, we have a system in mind that will make a lot more game sense than it does currently. As for the monkii on the bounty, that is something we missed, we checked for them before launch but it seems we missed some.

So currently the lust bomb does not work if the girl is slightly aware of you aka actively searching, I am not happy with the behavior atm so it will be addressed. Same with rocks, it just needs to have a reaction to the item hitting it during animations. Something we will polish as we develop. The animations during sex will also be getting a touch-up, we mostly added in these ones to get the system operational, we didn't have the time we wanted to polish, and that would take extra weeks we didn't want to delay. They actually do have AI but we had to remove their eyesight for the launch at the last minute. It was causing massive stuttering due to them constantly searching for things like the player and interaction points. This will likely be the very first micro patch for the game, we know how we wanna fix it, it just needs to be built. Basically, the eyesight is a really old unreal tool we are using that is not designed to handle the number of roaming ai we have. Just gotta build around it tbh.

I am glad you can see past all the issues, this patch is a massive overhaul of the game foundation, and it is something we can quickly elevate ontop of. GIve us another 4-5 months and it will be a fantastic experience.

They will still be in the game, just not in the plains area. But yeah you make a valid point. I will address it in the next patch we do.

Currently the player cannot enter the system. Next patch though!

Dunno tbh

No futa player just yet.

Press M

What a weird selection of issues you're having. Please detail the hardware you're playing the game on. 

We don't have a Mac to test on.

Yeah they choose who gets the tool and who does not based on the game content. They chose to not let us use it.

You need to be in range of radio towers. There are tutorials in the game explaining this. Open your map. Press m to do it. Any exposed zones can allow photo submissions.

Development is things always in a state of chaos. This variation of the game is what the direction will be. It took a while to find our production pipeline and that is generally how game dev goes. I am not afraid to swap the game around until I find what I want it to be. Consider this patch the first alpha and all before it experiments to find this focus.

When we are polished and ready for the launch 

Yeah clothing and hair is ccoming.

I don't think we will return to a first person camera. Perhaps as we get closer to the full release and we have nothing more important to build.

There are in game tutorials that explain this along with the release post itself. But just throw a lust bomb at a girl.

Right now the player cannot join in. Soon though.

Good! Be sure to drop us some tasty feedback!

No plans for them to be removable.

Ik has not been setup yet. It will come during our polishing stage. Too busy making the systems and such atm.

There is female on female, futa on male, futa on futa, male on female. There is only a handful of male characters, one of them is the player character.

No, Steam is its own store. You would not expect an Itch key if you purchased it on Steam, right?

If you'd like to own the game on Steam you will need to wait for the release there.

Yes. We are aiming for the end of this year and at the max early next year. We want to finish completely the first biome of the new open world design first before putting it into steams early access program.

Nope, Itch does not support Adult Developers so we cannot use the payment service for PayPal.