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/kicks down door/ did someone say angst?

Winged Ones on steam? what a great excuse to replay the game for the nth time again- okay no but really, awesome job at your progress for Bermuda so far! (i feel like every time i don't notice, the week's already passed and you've done quite a lot, haha) i hope you enjoy your break! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Someone is summoned by the angst!
Hi again, inky!

Yes! I really did enjoy the break! It's a great change of pace and thank you for being so patience with me until now! >///<
I'm also glad to hear you look forward for Winged Ones to be on Steam! It's a big step to take and I hope mr.Google and Youtube would be enough to guide me through all the process to upload and other bonus features >< but with your support, I'm sure we can get Winged Ones on Steam sooner or later! *yassss

Thanks again for coming by!