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@frankster -- Amazing. Thanks so much for getting into it and giving us all that super helpful feedback! It definitely made my day yesterday (and today) to know you're enjoying the game.

I've thought a bit about how asteroids crashing into ships (and possibly other asteroids) could cause damage. I think it's an awesome idea. We'll probably play around with adding that in and see how it feels.

We've gone over powerups a bunch in the past couple years and we always come back to keeping them out, since it would take the game in an incredibly different direction. With powerups, it feels less like it's up to each players skill where everything is more balanced, to how well you can collect and use those powerups. That said, maybe it'll end up in the 3rd version of Astervoid (if we end up making something like that someday) :)

Cheers, thanks again!

Yeah, I can imagine there can be different ways of implementing asteroids like that; from temporarily damaging movement or weapon systems to taking out the shield/destroying a ship. It just makes them something to pay a little more attention to, because at the moment they only throw up a small barrier or push you away a little.

I'm also not that much pro-powerups, but was just trying to think along with fellow players. I can definitely see why it's not something that fits with the current direction of the game. The way your shield regeneration works also severely limits the impact of said powerups. I prefer a more tactile approach to the matches like it must be atm (still need to get around to trying local mp, grrr).

So we've tested out asteroids moving at rather high velocity's which can damage ship's & ship's shields, but only the larger ones. And generally if the ship is flying into the asteroid storm. It definitely adds a bit of danger as you really have to watch out for the storm warning (red bars on the sides of the screen) now. Before, the storm could push players out of bounds but now it can obliterate them.

Also, larger asteroids colliding with each other can cause damage to each other. Both of these changes make the environment feel more alive, and I quite like that.

Excited to hear what you think of the local multi when you give it a shot! We only have FFA at the moment, but plan on adding Team Deathmatch as well before release. (2v1, 2v2, 1v3)

Thanks again for the suggestions! I'll upload a build with all of the new changes on Thursday or Friday.