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Hey thanks for playing and reviewing our game, we're glad you liked it so much! We all just watched this together and really enjoyed your video. As for more background on Alex, you can check out the bad ending (or the PDF) ;)

From POM: "Hey I did the backgrounds. Your compliments meant a ton! Kan helped me with the props on the last three shelves in the main room. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you... thanks for comparing Mal to Sasuke. I decided that Sol is like Naruto & Alex is like Kakashi."

From xed: "Thanks for noticing the sound design and text speed stuff! Those were the most fun for me to implement."

edit: the team also wants you to know that we've been in talks about potentially continuing the project! We don't know what shape or form that will take, but it might be happening™

Thanks for the reply(s)! Glad you enjoyed the video! Looking forward to whatever you guys put out! :)