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The story is pretty interesting.  I look forward to the final chapter. 

I was a little lost in trying to play this, though.  I wasn't sure what the interface represented or how my choices affected things.  I figured I'd pretty much just pick whichever option had the highest percentage, and that seemed to work out.  But if doing that does end up being correct, it kind of trivializes all the decisions.

Oh, wait, I played with Helper Mode enabled, so maybe that's what that was.  That's another thing I would critique, though, that I had to choose whether to enable it before starting, with nothing to explain what it was, and no way to guage whether I'd want it.  I went back to see what happens without it, and it seems to just omit the percentages.  But the "receptiveness" ratings still pretty much give away which answer to choose.  And do the percentages mean there's an element of random chance regarding success?

None of that makes sense to me.  Shouldn't I have to be figuring something out in order to get a success?  But the way it is, either success comes from following what the receptiveness ratings show, which is trivial, or from getting lucky on random chances, which I don't have control over.   Is there something else I'm supposed to base the decisions on?  Otherwise, it seems like the gameplay element was included more for being plain interactive than for being actually interesting or fun.

The failure responses do kind of hint at why a choice fails, so maybe some strategy could actually be involved if the receptiveness ratings weren't shown.  But then partially correct choices shouldn't just randomly succeed or fail.  It would make more sense for you to simply gain a proportional amount of insight.

I don't really understand how the mechanics all fit together.  What does "insight" represent?  Any choice, even "failures," seem to move the narrative along regardless, providing the same information.  The difference between a success and failure seems to be whether your future self becomes more receptive to you.  But then labelling accumulative successes "insight" wouldn't really fit.  And since insight is needed to unlock more of the narrative, I would expect it to be acquired by "questioning and doubting," like the game keeps saying.  But picking the choices your future self is most receptive to doesn't really have anything to do with that...

On another note, I also found it hard to tell which text belonged to which character.  It seemed like your spoken voice was yellow, your future self's voice was red, and then what looked like your thoughts appeared in green.  But later the rebel voice was also green.  And text also changes color during transitions, making things even more confusing.

One last thing I'll suggest is to allow us to refer back to what the last statement was when making a choice, so that we don't have to risk forgetting the context of it.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.  I hope they can be of some help, and thank you for the game.  The presentation is very impressive.