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excellent extension! But the latest window_frame(GMS2.3+) cannot work while creating executable as zip, what can I do to fix this problem?

(I'm using Runtime v2022.3.0.497)

ok I found the solution: the project's name shouldn't include a blank space      :(  and why


Changing these 3 lines to be

	yal_strcat(commandLine, L"\\system32\\rundll32.exe \\"");
	yal_strcat(commandLine, dllPath);
	yal_strcat(commandLine, L"\\" frame_process");

and re-compiling the extension will probably fix that.

The extension was originally going to be more or less superseded by a better one (which you can see in action in Nova Drift) in March, but due to war breaking out in my country I’m not sure when that’s going to happen at this point.

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Thanks for replying!

I've tried to change the 3 lines and re-compiled the extension. The codes are slightly different but yes the problem is solved :) Thanks again!

(Here are the codes that I changed)