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I was expecting too use backspace to delete a track segment and the mouse wheel to raise / lower the track; also right mouse button to cam rotate.

With regards to gameplay I think the track editor should encourage making fun to play tracks rather than any tracks so if you have figured out what makes a track flow or fun then make it easy to create such tracks (smoothing option comes to mind to take out the sharper turns).

Looks really great and reminds me of Stunts from back in the day where I spent hours swapping tracks on floppies!

Thanks for the great feedback, glad you like the game! And I had not heard about Stunts before, looks pretty cool! It has to be the first track editor ever made - so kind of our heritage, thanks for pointing it out. ;)

Good point about the editor - we're still looking for the right balance between total freedom and making sure it's easy to create something that's fun to play.