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Today's update has mostly to do with the movement system, particularly when it comes to falling through platforms. I've made it almost effortless to drop down from platforms, and as a result I think the movement flows much better now.

Patch Note:
- Pressing down will now let you drop down from platforms. A new checkbox called 'Down Lock' has been added in the Key-bindings menu, enabling this will stop you from being able to drop down from platforms with just the down button. You'd have to press 'Down + Jump' (the previous method) or double-tap 'Down' instead.

- You can now also drop down from platforms while doing a dodge-roll by pressing down. (or the other buttons combination mentioned above) Basically anything to do with moving through platforms is now smoother than before.

- Camera issue for certain monitor resolutions have been fixed. (If you still have problems, please feedback to me!)

- Minor hit-box adjustments.

- Slightly better path-finding for Flying Slime.


The flying Slime's path-finding is a simple mp_potential_step_object* function and thankfully tweaking the mp_potential_settings* led to a much better overall result.
(gamemaker functions)

- Fixed a bug where the game icon doesn't appear on the taskbar when you ctrl-tap out of the game.
This is I think a known bug in Studio 1.4 that happens only when a game launches straight into fullscreen. A simple fix is just to run the game in windowed mode for a step or two before going into fullscreen. Once the game icon can be seen on the taskbar it won't disappear again, so you can safely enter and exit fullscreen as and when you want to.