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I cant find these of your books on Lulu

i would really like to order them printed.

How should i do?

the N64 Encyclopedia Book

the GameCube Encyclopedia Book

The Handheld Game Console Encyclopedia

The Handheld Game Console Encyclopedia vol.2

the Game Boy Encyclopedia Book

the Sega Saturn Encyclopedia Book

the Sega CD/32X Encyclopedia Book

Hi :)
Yes, a lot of the PDFs are not available through lulu. I have excluded several PDFs just because it takes some time to create it for lulu, and I don't think the quality of the PDF is worth the price . It's too expensive, even though I have turned the price so low that I  don't think I earn any revenue from the site.

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Can you recommend some site where I can order printed pdf in EU. In like paperback-style

I mean; even if the quality is lower its nice to have it in book format.

I'm sorry. I have only used lulu. Don't know any other sites.

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Deleted 1 year ago

Hello. I think it would be fine to send the pdf to lulu for printing. Just choose A4 format when creating it for lulu print.

ok thanks