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great concept. poor execution. saying xbox 360 gamepad recommended is an understatement. there is absolutely no support for anything else. no keyboard, no ps4 controller, nothing. I do not have an xbox 360 controller. it made this extremely difficult to play. impossible, actually. i could not complete the tutorial. from the little gameplay i experienced, the grinding rail width needs to be wider. maybe double or triple. as it is, it is extremely hard to hit them. also, there needs to be more in air control. the game looks nice. the music is great and would really enhance the game if you could keep your momentum up. the old guy who says "yo yo yo" is really cringe-y. 

Edit: I just hopped over to the Dev's website. this game looks a lot more playable on the xbox controller, but i would add support for keyboard first, and then other controllers second. This game shows lots of promise. I really like the Dev. The introduction video looks great. im going to keep my eye on this game. maybe even support it if it seems to go in the right direction.

agreed im able to kinda work out the controls using the unity startup thing but appart from that its an amazing game just wish i could play it better ya know do it justice

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the bad experience, I will borrow a PS4 controller and work on it. I will also try to optimize the keyboard-mouse input. Your post is very helpful although I hope it didn't ruined your opinion on my game forever.

There's a ton of work to do on it, but I'm a hard worker, I hope you'll appreciate future updates as I improve everything.