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Honestly, this was the BEST game on iOS and am seriously sad to see it no longer supported.  Like jalc, I would love to take a gander at making this buildable and publishable and testable on iOS again.  I've been developing software for 30+ years, have a few iOS games myself and would like to take a shot at helping you return this icon to iOS.  I'll even cover your annual developer fees if that's a problem.

Just bought the -R version (I didn't even know it existed and am so excited!).  Were you ever planning on porting this to iOS also if you had the opportunity?  I'm sure you'd be featured.  Let me know if you need some help.


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hey Chris.. wow, thanks!! you are kind. i really appreciate the thought but wouldn't really feel comfortable with having someone else having to maintain it and pay for it. maybe slightly irrational but it just feels like it'd be a stressful situation. the way i see it, the game had a good run... by the end it was nowhere near making back its yearly license cost, and then i made it free (and a friend did in fact insist on paying for it to stay up for a couple more years when i couldn't afford to, hehe).. but it stopped working'd just be a source of stress to me now. the R version, what i'd really like is to get it on consoles via a publisher (i just don't have the time to deal with business side of things any more. this is all strictly a spare time hobby for me now).. it's fairly likely if i hook up with one, they'd wanna put it on iOS too, so, it's a possibility.... we'll see... there's still a lot more i want to add to the game before i properly try making that happen. so, sorry to be a bit boring! ANYWAY, totally happy to send you the original iOS source code for your own use if you want (drop me an email - though be warned it's *horrible* :D