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Before I say much more, I loved this game. It's probably the best game on the Playdate tbh. Absolutely worth the 10 USD. That said, I have few bits of feedback to give: 

- It'd be nice if there were more details on the plants via some menu of some kind (i.e. how long it takes to grow, maybe some fun facts about the flower)

- The end of the story feels very rushed. The story flow was fine and the story itself is great, but then at the end it is like everything is in a panic to bring things to resolution

- I wish there was a bit more to the flowering process. I realize doing mini games per flower would quickly become tedious, but a thought I had was maybe a flower of importance or maybe of more monetary value where you take care of that one more interactively than the others. Like a crank watering mini game where you have to give the right amount of water, or adjust its position to get in the sunlight better, something on those lines?

Regardless though, this game has had me checking on my Playdate for a solid week now begging for more of this game. Thanks to the devs for all their hard work!