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Music start is porno level, maybe change some instrument would improve, i liked more the following part.
Artwork is Great i have a soft spot for this style.
Gameplay wise i really like the 3D platformer approach but the isometric camera seems to be not a good idea, there is always something stuck on the sight, you probably had to get mostly a fixed camera and working on limitation or camera from behind like standard 3rd person.
The movement are specially made for analogs because i notice the delay on rotation, if you had to make it for pc you must give instant rotation time or it will feel imprecise, that's said aiming with the spell is really bad it would benefit more a dual stick aiming or you holding the "launch button" for stopping, aim and than shoot.
The mechanics are not really intuitive because when i saw i was shooting spell i though about that was just a bullet rather than a grab, after i figure it out i finally understand what "absorb" button does, i really like this kind of game and i hope there would be a follow up with more polished gameplay design choices.