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Oh wow, a Square game where you play as a witch? Who could've seen that coming?

Jokes aside it's an interesting idea that needs some refinement. 

  • Control bindings should've been explained in-game, not on the game page. JKL is a rare binding, more people will associate Spacebar or Z with jumping. Also, even though your main screen says '[J] to start', J doesn't work and only left mouse button does.
  • Camera obstructed gameplay a lot. Some terrain went translucent when I was behind it, some didn't. Some went translucent when I was above it, which was really weird. The camera's movements felt locked to the player, which made movement feel rigid.
  • You should use a projector to add a blob shadow beneath the player and any enemies. This is what Mario 64 uses to increase player's depth reasoning, since it lets players know where everything is on the xz-plane.
  • Absorbing pumpkins in the first level made me poop skulls, but doing it during the boss did nothing.
  • Mummy's bandage has wonky aiming. I had the bandage go 90 degrees away from my forward direction first. Adding some lock-on would be nice, aim assist is also a possibility but it wouldn't work well with grappling to terrain.
  • Door colliders were sometimes still active when the door was opened. I could just jump over them, but it felt weird to suddenly bump into them.
  • Combat overall wasn't very satisfying. It suffers from the same problem as Knight & Witch where combat is slow but mindless. Either speed it up or add more puzzle elements to the fights.
  • Music is good, good job Mobius (btw your name is mispelled on the credits).
  • Art is also good. My nitpicks here are that there's a texture issue with the candle and the terrain is kinda bland compared to the models.

I know it's a lot of criticism but I thought it was a pretty entertaining game. Would love to see you flesh it out more.