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I nearly jumped off my chair and smacked my head off the ceiling when I saw that another episode of Midnight Scenes had appeared in my feed! Needless to say it was swiftly added to my bookmarks.

Carrying right on with the 60's sci-fi / horror aesthetics, this is another cracking installment in the series, focusing on a rather troubling artifact found in Antarctica (if I've learned anything from old sci-fi horror movies it's that you NEVER trust anything weird you find at the poles!).

The puzzle element feels a bit toned down in this episode, and there doesn't seem to be as much brain-taxing time as there was in episode one, but this doesn't take anything away from the amazing story, the awesome old-school design and the overall tense feel to the whole thing.

Another awesome job, keep on keeping on! =)


Thanks for the little review! I'm glad you enjoyed it overall <