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Loving the demo so far! ^^ I was wondering around when will the full game be released?

Same XD i've been wondering about the release date too. it said that the release date is september 2018 but its november already T-T And Harunnnn T-T give him a route please dear dev. evil dude needs a route too.add a good ending tooooo...i love himmmm T-T


The original plan was releasing My Burning Heart during the summer... after running a small Kickstarter for it.

But since my  main project, Chasing the Stars, has been delayed, it wouldn't look right to run a Kickstarter for another project.  I apologize for that. Until Chasing the Stars is out, I'm afraid My Burning Heart is on hold.

Anyway, the game script is completely outlined and the art is 70% done, so once we go back to it, it'll be a matter of weeks to finish the VN.

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Ahh Chasing The Stars. I'm looking forw ard to that one too. Welp nothing else i can do other than supporting and cheering you on ∩(︶▽︶)∩ andddd keep waitinggg                o(╥﹏╥)o  Harunnnn ma  babyyyy.