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Oh? Is it that good? I might as well give it a try… This one has been under my radar to read. Now let’s see how good is it.


im not sure this story is good enough for you,but somehow I just can't stop thinking about it.i hope you can enjoy it

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Actually, I’m enjoying it. I’m according to the number of the build… let’s say… Build 1.2: “A Dragon’s Story and his Darkest Secret”.

For now, I will say is a fresh air in something I was working on… Basically showing the gray side of evil. Since evil cant be actually completely define. This one works on the grey side, not the black and white we somewhat see in other games.

Yes, im building a fantasy world too… I have been inspired by many things, and now even this shows some of the same examples I was working with. Once I finish reading, I would like to ask the Dev if he is fine with me using some of the content for inspiration.

Also, if you can’t stop thinking about it, it means that is fantastic for you. Since not every game tents to stay on someone’s mind. A good game will be remembered and even used as an example of something.