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I am not sure if it is a bug, but even if I have developed my hull, the ship can't go below 125 without any destruction (the pressure is too high?)
I use PC version, Post-Jam.

Edit: I have managed to reach the lower depth, but my hull is calculated wrong. Like 0-1: if I have less than 700, destroy my core, if it is 700, save it.
Also when any part of hull is destroyed, the number is changed, even I have some additional hulls instead (let say that we need 40 of the hull to reach 700, but when I build 50 and one of them is destroyed, I don't have 700 any more).

And reaching depth of 500 doesn't stop the game. I reached depth of 4000 and it wasn't the end. So where is the end?

The game is fun and I liked it, but some bugs need fixing.