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I've seen a lot of your games pop up on my Itch feed but for some reason have never ventured into your world of lo-fi horror! I seem to have waded right into one of your hardest to beat projects to date too, but that certainly didn't taint the experience for me!

Straight off the bat, the style is great and I love it, especially the grainy old movie effect you've got going on. The character design is awesome, the fact you've created characters that are creepy and yet oddly cute at the same time is something I really appreciate!

The puzzle solving and platforming elements really gave this game an extra slice of uniqueness too, not often you see jumping around being part of a survival horror game, but with hiding seemingly out of the option, jumping is the next best thing.

I didn't manage to beat the game, but I think getting one chest was a good enough achievement for someone like me who is terrible at remembering which way to go and even worse at surviving!

I don't really need to say this, but keep up the awesome work (I know you will, you're incredibly prolific!) =)