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Playing the game, I started off disliking the characters and Mira and the love interests and the setting or basically THE GAMES ALTOGETHER to "OMG THIS IS AWESOME I WANT MORE I WANT SEASON 2 I WANT MORE LOVE INTERESTS". I thought Halloween is really good, but this is a lot better imo 

(I'm sorry but Erik Valdemar is a child and turn me off LOL Still his relationship with Emma really makes me jealous it pisses me off, he's still the total package which I want except for his childishness [that's giving him a lot of character depth tho] hahaha ok nvm move on)

My favorite love interest is Daire, just because to see him showing affection to Mira got me squealing internally lol And seeing Mira squeal internally is really cute. She's confident and flirty, so it's refreshing to see her so. 

Also I appreciate the diverse ending. Love that they have different scenarios. Even if I was hoping the bad ends (well, the endings exclude the happily ever after best ending) are better. Bad end does not mean necessarily bad altogether, because good bad end is awesomeee, especially since some of the endings include death (angst is the best). Maybe what it could have is... more elaboration on the character's feelings. Yas.

My love for this game is still burning and I love you, devs. Thank you. Please make more games :D Sorry for the bad grammar lol