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I tried to play the game on an android phone, but everytime I get to the sex scene the screen gets black and the game just closes. I tried it several times and it's still not working. I even tried the free mode but the same thing happens. I hope you can fix this. I'd be really happy to see the full game and the future updates sound really awesome. The art in this game is pretty good and the sexy music fits the game. The option of diffrent graphics in the settibgs is really great too! That's all I can say for right now. Hope to see more updates soon.

I got the same problem with thr application... Everythings work fine, then, web h-scene come, the app crash...

Please tell me your android phone and version! 

Also sorry i missed your reply, the website did not give me notification of the comment. 

So the android build does not work for you? Can you please tell me your phone and android version?

Sorry for missing these, i did not get notification that i had comments until today. 

Phone: Huawai Hol-U19

Androidversion: 4.4.2

Hope you can fix this or at least tell me if I need a newer android version and a new phone to play this.