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OK this is pretty awesome! I think there needs to be an indicator for what you've swapped so far. I couldn't work out if it was like portal and you shot one then the other, or your current speed got swapped with whatever you shot. If you had an icon in the bottom for what you'd be swapping with the next thing you shot, that might help make things more obvious.

Also HUGE improvement in presentation from the last one! Keep it up!

Thank you very much!

Yes, I was also thinking of making it more similar to Portal in which you have two fire buttons with two different portals ultimately linking them. For now I stuck with the "1 shot link" in which you use yourself as a carrier.

Would changing the background music help indicating your current state? Currently it does affect the sound you hear when you hit your gun, and your own animation and movement speed. I will look into creating some GUI element.

I wouldn't rely on sound, since it can be off or just unnoticed. If you're always swapping your current speed for the object you shoot, it can be part of the character or something in the corner.

I think there's a lot of possibilities for gameplay in the case that you're taking on the speed of what you shoot.

Hey metalman42,

I actually updated the game with a new introduction level and more importantly a small UI that shows level and your current SPEED! I hope that allows for some more clear indication on what you should do in this game, and what is currently happening.

The new UI addition and the bit in the description (I may have just missed it before...) do a really good job explaining the premise! I got to level 8 before I had to get back to work. It's a lot of fun, a kind of puzzle I don't think I ever played before.

In level 7, I ended up swapping my slow speed to the big block at the top to get back around it, but once I had transferred the 25% speed to the small block that was blocking the exit, I didn't have anything to slow down the big block again! So I just tried to time it as best I can and ran past. It felt like cheating a little, but also like I figured out a secret.

This is some good stuff! I'm glad you kept at it. I gotta say this is LOADS better than the slasher game, and it really seems like something that should have been made for the gameboy.

You were so close to the end then, with the last three levels being (in my oppinion) the actual puzzles.

I'd have to take a look at that shortcut in level 7 :)

Unfortunately I won't have the time to work on it anymore over the weekend, so no updates for the Gbjam for this game (maybe afterwards I'll reboot the project)

Was a lot more fun to work on than Mr m too, but both were great learning experiences for me. Thank you for sticking with it and giving great feedback and kind words. I really appreciate it!