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I don't usually expect much from RPG Maker games, but I really enjoyed the short time I got from this one! Honestly, though I knew this was made for the Yaoi game jam, I completely forgot about that as I was playing. Jett is just a normal guy who's a little brash and messy, being gay isn't his defining character trait or anything. When the moment came up in which Irene says "...that's why you don't have a boyfriend," I had to stop for a second. it made me think how great it would've been to have a game like this growing up. I really hope you'll continue work on this, and I look forward to playing a full version one day. :D

Also, I think I relate to Toa on so many levels. Life just takes so much energy. Haha.

It's good to hear that my game exceeded your expectations! :) Yeah, that's something I strive for when writing LGBT characters. A character's sexuality is certainly a part of them, but it doesn't have to be their sole defining trait. I personally want to see more LGBT characters starring in fun genre works where the plot has little to do with their sexuality, just like straight characters get to, which was a motivating factor for me to make this game.

Work on this project is continuing and I hope to have the full version completed sometime this fall! LOL, I get that. Sometimes you just need a nap...or fifty...