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A few important question: How do you personally imagine the Joyces' voices to sound like IRL? Can their voices be based off of anyone?  Also would Joyce be into Kpop (LOL)?

Questions aside, YOU GUYS oh my god - I didn't even know part 2 was released just recently!! I remember playing last year, and this game quickly meant so much to me (I have a love-hate relationship with the Defragment track, DEPRESSING AF THANKS). There were times that I really had to take a pause from the game just because of how real it got, but part of the struggle is to face it head on so I can appreciate how awesome it is! I really do love everything- this game is so incredibly put together. Amazing job, BL+!!! Thank you for hard work!!

Admittedly, while I eventually stopped keeping track of the Devlogs, I occasionally replayed the first part (and repeatedly suffered from abandonment issues, J o y c e). And now during a time that //TODO is more relevant to me than ever, it's been updated to completion!!! Man do I love a good (or any, actually) excuse to replay one of my favorite games. 

This was such a delight to discover during last year's NaNoRenO - I was HELLA impressed seeing such a meaningful and quality game made within a fricking month! I really wish you guys the best of luck in all your future endeavors!! I look forward to seeing more from both the team and the staff!

Aaahh thank you so much!! We're really happy that you enjoyed our game (and replayed it before the update even!)

As for the questions, we haven't thought that deeply about what their voices could sound like so it's hard to pinpoint a specific reference. It's definitely something Teal would like though so probably cute :3 
Well, and Joyce is curious enough to try listening to a bunch of different genres so there's probably at least a few Kpop songs they'd end up liking! And maybe more as time goes on...

We really appreciate the good luck and we hope you'll like our future projects as well! 
Thanks for playing <3