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Loved the art style and the world-building: animate toys with a "hand of god" nearby that can choose to be silent or stick a hand in or tap on the dollhouse. Very provocative plot about what it means to play god and care for others.

If you ever decided to expand the game, it would be interesting to have the toy owner's "silence" impact the game. I played a few times and it didn't seem to matter whether I was silent or tapped. Similarly, I was slightly disappointed that the 'food choices' during the "Dahlia is favorite" path didn't impact much, and similarly wish the various things the toy owner could build for Huxley in his path mattered beyond just a slight dialogue divergence.

That being said, I really liked how choosing Dahlia or Huxley had parallelisms between things going astray. Both of the main paths mirrored each other to an extent. Although I wished there had been a happy ending, the fact that everything goes to heck no matter what path you go down was poignant.

Yep! These ideas are neat, too!