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Yeah, we definitely didn't have a lot of time to work on the GUI and the meta interactions, which did detract from what we were trying to do. It was rough making all three games in a month, but that's no excuse - we've learned from this and will definitely be on top of it next time! We never really prioritized GUI in the past, but now we know that we really should :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm very happy that people have enjoyed this game despite the relative lack of polish, and I promise we'll revisit it to make it less buggy and easier on the eyes visually. 

I'm glad you got the title ;D I spent a while finding a good one. I think the meta narrative (the story inbetween the games) will be more clear with a touch up and with the release of the game that character stars in - Avitus. This Anthology was (not so) secretly tied into our flagship release, which I'll have to reintroduce to our fans sometime soon.

Again, thanks for playing - it means the world to us!

Wolf, Watercress Studio Director (and Cautionary Tale Project Director, Let Go. Game Director)