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Ah, I see... 

Regarding it's your first published game and with those earlier ideas, it seems you were in roundabout way when developed Belong; in which the usual way is to polish the base of plot from Prologue first before continue to next part of the story. And the matter of dilemma about how to make the player feels self-insert, it would be better to provide your first original idea of MC than to be distracted to insert both of fixed MC's background and branched personalities at once without proper connection to the other chapter of the story. In brighter side, your main focus to MC and LI's interaction is paid off with the well-written narrations I read. (And pardon my nagging intrusion as who am I that can criticize like this while my own project is burning to be paid attention :'D)

Nonetheless, thanks for giving breath to this game and taking my commentary kindly. I look forward for your other project^^