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I purchased this set a couple weeks ago (from here on, just now getting it into Tiled to work with.  It seems to be missing the two lighter background tile variants.  There are two 6-section patches of the darkest of the backgrounds (the shade you use for shallows around your island in your sample pics here on this site), but none of the lighter two shades (the deep water, and land shades from your sample pics).   The two lighter shades are present in combining tiles, but not as background-fill tiles.

 Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?   

[Edit] I downloaded one of your sample maps, and extracted the missing background tiles from it.  Seems to be good enough for now.  Hope that's OK with you...


Ah, I think I understand what you mean.  The plain repeating tiles without any transitions or edges, right?   Well, since it's meant to be tiles for RPG Maker, there was no need to include those tiles by themselves, you can get them by using the autotile correctly.   You have to do some copy and paste or use it as 16x16 tiles to get them working in non-RM use.  The sample maps were created using the artwork included with the pack, so if that's how you got them I don't mind at all.

Thanks for the quick reply.   It makes sense that you'd not worry about them if your tool takes care of it for you.  I am using TilEd maps loaded into Java/LibGDX, so needed the tiles in my map.  The files I cut from your samples will work fine for my project.